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Sharing My “Why”

My mission is to help and empower all women; especially women who have overcome extremely challenging circumstances.  My heart is full of compassion for women who have been born into or raised in cults, women who have been abused and may currently be living in abusive circumstances. The amount of dysfunction and damage that is sustained by women and their families in these types of situations, is truly a terrible thing with life-long consequences.

Definition of a cult:

a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (such as a film or book)

  • criticizing how the media promotes the cult of celebrity; especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad
b : the object of such devotion

c : a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion

  • the singer’s cult of fans
  • The film has a cult following.

I was born into a cult which I left in 2001. I was married off at the age of 17 to a man I did not know.  We were from two different states. Dating was forbidden. Within one week of getting married, I wanted nothing more than to go home. Divorce, however, was not permitted. Ultimately, is was this “rule” that was the catalyst that led to my leaving “the church”, or as I refer to it, ” the box”.

a : a dissenting or schismatic religious body; especially : one regarded as extreme or heretical
b : a religious denomination

For almost 20 years, I was married to an abusive and psychologically twisted man. While I hope to never cross paths with him again, I have been able to forgive him. He was sexually molested from a very young age and had a rage towards the world that was, most of the time, terrifying to live with. My children and I lived a life “walking on eggshells” every day.

As married women are not allowed to work, (other than helping their husbands as is befitting), it has been one hell of a journey to get out of the “box”,–and more importantly, I am one of the very few, very lucky single women who managed to leave with my children.

Men, if you are reading this,–do not label me a man-hater. I am not.  In spite of being raised in a cult, I was blessed to have good parents, who, unfortunately have shunned me as I do not, in their words, “break bread with them”.  My father, to date, is one of the kindest, most patient men that I have ever known. Sadly, brainwashing is powerful.  My mom, (who had/has a more fiery disposition than my dad), told me once in a moment of despair, (prior to my excommunication), “write the good, the bad, and the ugly”.  Although I have been “out of the box” for 17 years, it is difficult to write about. I remember being contacted by a lady named Claire Weinraub, who  wanted to setup some type of interview on behalf of ABC News. At the time, I was too afraid. My two children were still young and living with me. I didn’t want to do anything to incite any type of retaliation and risk losing my sole reason for existing. Today, I am very grateful to say, my children are grown and prospering; living their own lives.

Enough about me for the moment. I wanted to explain why I have the passion I do to empower women to change their lives, especially those who have overcome obstacles that are, in many ways, incomprehensible.

As stated in my Mission Statement, all it takes is a short journey back in time, and ALL women can relate to persisting against overwhelming obstacles while staying, amazingly resilient.

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NOTE: My story is just that; my story. It is my truth as I knew, experienced and lived it. It is not an attack on any organization, (religious or otherwise), and/or anyone’s belief(s). America was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Of course, I will express my opinions. In my opinion, any organization, (religious or otherwise), that causes harm, tears families apart and/or sanctions violence is a dangerous force. Manipulation and mind control are powerfully evil.

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